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Craftopedia How-To

Craftopedia is a wiki very much like Wikipedia. All articles are written in a special wiki syntax.

Editing Craftopedia

You can always see the source code of an article by clicking the “Show Page” link. If you are logged in, click on “Edit Page”. If you want to contribute a new article you might want to read the Craftopedia guidelines first!

Article Names

The Craftopedia naming system is similar to the nested directory structure on linux, mac or windows. The full name of the article you are currently reading is “about:wiki:syntax”, where ”:” is the directory-seperator, and “about” is the top level directory. You can browse the k2g2 hierarchy using the index-tree on the right hand side. The “directories” inside craftopedia are also referred to as namespaces.


All craftopedia articles that are located inside the wiki namespace can be edited by anyone. There are other namespaces on k2g2, including about for meta-pages and blog for blog posts. Articles living inside those namespaces can only edited by users with special access permissions.

Translating Articles

As a general rule, the translated versions of an article are located inside language-specific namespaces. A German version of the craftopedia-article (wiki:craftopedia) resides inside wiki:de and is also called craftopedia just like the original article. The full name that uniquely identifies the article is wiki:de:craftopedia.

When inside the wiki-namespace You can easily switch between translations using the language tabs on top of the page inside the big blue box.

Linking to Craftopedia

Feel free to link to any craftopedia article from your website or your blog - just copy the address from your address bar.

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