The k2g2 personality test

The k2g2 personality test, designed by our highly skilled team of excellent harvard psychologists, can classify all people according to three personality traits which are: girliness, nerdiness and kraftyness.

With advanced statistical methods such as multivatiant cluster analysis, we were able to show that these there are only four outstanding personality types

The k2g2 personality types

If our test classifies you as one of personality types below, k2g2 is the place to be.

The good old-fashioned personality types

If the test classifies you as one of the personality types below, you should spend quality time with your cheerleader friends, at bowling clubs or at a lan party of your choice, rather than wasting your time at k2g2.

  • regular girl
  • regular boy
  • regular nerd

Test yourself

Now go, test yourself !

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