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Crocheted Lorenz Manifold by H. Osinga

The k2g2 logo is a tribute to the crocheted Lorenz Manifold by Hinke Osinga. 1)

The idea of crocheting this object goes back to the year 2002 when Hinke Osinga and Bernd Krauskopf realized that their computer codes for approximating the Lorenz Manifold could be interpreted as crochet instructions.

Hinke crocheted the manifold, and Bernd assisted her in mounting it.

The Lorenz Attractor

Edward N. Lorenz came up with a system of equations back in 1963 when trying to do weather prediction. While the system described by the Lorenz equations is completely deterministic, it turned out that even the slightest change in the initial conditions has dramatic effects on the evolution of the system. The butterfly-shaped Lorenz trajectories have since become a visual symbol for chaos theory as a whole. 2)

The Lorenz Manifold

From a mathematical point of view it is clear what defines the Lorenz Manifold and that it exists, but this does not mean that mathematicians can easily depict it.

Specialized computer codes are necessary in order to show what the Lorenz Manifold looks like. In this sense mathematicians proceed a lot like architects who use elevation plans to show the construction of a building.

Brains and Crafts

Mathematicians and architects use the characteristic properties of an object to construct a physical model based on abstract notions that only exist in their brains.

The crocheted Lorenz Manifold is the exact reconstruction of a specialized computer code that was designed to depict the abstract guardrail of order inside a system ruled by chaotic diversion.

We use it as the logo for k2g2 to indicate that knitting knerds and geek girls – the freemasons of handicraft – are both architects and mathematicians, always crafting on the edge of chaos.


The Basics

Chaos Theory

The Lorenz Attractor

The Lorenz Manifold

Growing the Lorenz Manifold

Crocheting the Lorenz Manifold

Lorenz Manifold Papers

1) Dr. Osinga kindly permitted us to use her work as a basis for the k2g2 logo. She is however not responsible for or associated with the contents of k2g2.
2) Since the Lorenz system describes how three parameters change over time its evolution can be depicted as the movement of a point in 3D-space, and the trail of this movement is a trajectory of the system
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