Crochet Divas by Françoise Cactus

Franco-German Artist Françoise Cactus presents a series of crochet portraits at the exhibition Häkeldiven und Starletten (Crochet Divas and Starlettes) at Gallery Crystal Ball in Berlin.

The crochet portraits show contemporary divas of international renown and glamour, namely Courtney Love, Amy Winehouse, Grace Jones, Nina Hagen and Debbie Harry.

At the vernissage Françoise Cactus also presented a live performance of wool-themed chansons to go along with each of her crochet divas, presented with the distinctive french accent that made her band Stereo Total popular in Germany.

Amy Wollmaus

Amy Winehouse alias Amy Wollmaus (photo: Pascale Schiller)

Amy Winehouse was recrafted as Amy Wollmaus. In German Wollmaus is a colloquial term for “leftover yarn” or lint. It's interesting to note, that pocket lint is used frequently in IMS drug tests, since it contains traces of all substances you have been carrying around in your pockets.

Courtney Wool

Courtney Love alias Courtney Wool (photo: Pascale Schiller)

Courtney Love, a self-acclaimed crafting diva and glue gunner served as inspiration for Courtney Wool. In her Myspace blog Courtney wrote: “ei may suck at assembling rusty shit and all but i can put a shell on a thumbtack witha glue gun like anyone else dammit!”

Kratz Jones

Grace Jones alias Kratz Jones (photo: Pascale Schiller)

Grace Jones is a superdiva across all gender limits. Her crafty reincarnation Kratz Jones has its first name Kratz from the German word kratzen which means to itch. The adjective kratzig is used to describe the feeling of rough wool on the naked skin , probably refering to Grace Jones' appearance and dressing style, which may be described as wolverine in a rough sheep's clothing (or vice versa).

Nina Häkel

Nina Hagen alias Nina Häkel (photo: Pascale Schiller)

The surname Häkel is another crafty pun refering to the German word for crocheting (häkeln). The diva that is rendered hommage in this work is Nina Hagen, Germany's most famous contemporary diva.

While Nina may be more renowned for her whimsical apperance than for her political activism, she is actually an early craftvist. Immediately after September 11th, she started a knitting for world piece initiative to support RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

Debbie Hairy

Debbie Harry alias Debbie Hairy (photo: Pascale Schiller)

Debbie Harry aka Blondie aka Dirty Harry is a punk feminist idol, that was already featured in Christa Rowley's crafty like a fox cross stitch kits.

More Crafty Chicks

Cross Stitch Chicks

You can create your own cross stitch divas, using Christa Rowley's crafty like a fox needlepoint kits available via Etsy. The hardcore chick series features: Debbie Harry, Frida Kahlo, Margaret Atwood, Margaret Cho, Sophia Loren and Tina Turner.

Crafty like a fox! cross-stitch kit

Knitting Celebrities

There has been a lot of news about knitting celebrities - the book Knitted Icons tells you how to actually do it. Excellent knitting porn for fans who want a miniature version of their favourite star. May also be useful for advanced stalkers in need of a voodoo doll.

The Daily Mail has published a nice collection of celebridolls knitted by their avid readers: Celeb Knitties

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