"We can Do It" Cover by Lady Ada

Cover Version showing Limor Fried
Original Version showing Geraldine Doyle

The Cover Geek Girl

Limor Fried, outstanding geek girl and do-it-yourself-heroine also known as Adafruit or as “Lady Ada” as a reference to the great Ada Lovelace has made it to the cover of Wired magazine.

Grrrl Power

The Cover picture is an obvious reference to the “We can Do it” poster that orignated in World War II, when men realized that they needed the help of women to create more ammunition to kill each other. The poster fell into oblivion just to be rediscovered in the 1980s by feminists demanding equal opportunities in the workplace.

Girls with Guns

While back in the 1940's women had to be convinced the were physically equipped to take over jobs in the factory, it still seemed inconceivable that they could fight on the front line.

But soon after Worldwar II countries like Israel introduced the conscription of women to military service, granting them equal rights and duties, including the use of weapons to kill their fellow humans.

In the 1960s the genre of “Girls with Guns” entered pop culture and gained popularity around 2000 with powerful female heroines such as Lara Croft.

Girls with Brains

Guns are symbols of power and destruction, but destruction is the way of the feeble-minded. By posing with a soldering gun, the weapon of mass construction, Limor Fried provides an ironic reference to the Girls with Guns genre, showing the constructive power of craft that doesn't need victims to create heros.

Girls with Boobs

On her blog Limor posted a picture of the Wired cover in context.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on the left seems like an anachronistic image from a patriarchic parallel universe, where every women would happily trade her brain for a couple of silicon implants and a swimsuit.


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