Craftimation from Down Under

The Melbourne based Studio Oh Yeah Wow has quite a history in crafty stop-motion videos.

Their latest music video features a giant crocheted quadropus that likes to turn things blue.

They also did some funny behind the scene photos
(via Laughing Squid)

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Knitimation from the Past

Knitimation - a subgenre of stop motion that uses wool and knitting as its medium of expression was invented by Max Alexander.

Here are two of the anarchic and fun knitimations Max did back in 2007 and 2008, both of which won best animation awards at the UK's National Student Film Festival.

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3D Beading Software Prototype

Beady by Yuki Igarashi, Tajeo Igarashi and Jun Mitami is a tool for creating simple 3D objects such as little animals, together with beading instructions on the fly.
The software can also import and simplify arbitrary 3D meshes.

Beady is the successor of Knitty and Plushie and various other tools for Computer Assisted Craft, developed at the Igarashi Lab.

Native American Barcode Weavers

Guillermo Bert a Los Angeles-based artist born in Chile is creating a Movie called “Coded Stories”. The movie is showing his collaboration with South-American indiginous Mapuche Weavers, known for their blocky textile patterns, that carry some resemblance to modern-day QR Codes.

The resemblance inspired Guillermo to a code weaving project, where the stories of the Mapuche are encoded in QR Codes and then woven into tapestry. The Movie has has been successfully funded via the Coded Stories Kickstarter Project

For more barcode inspired art by Guilermo check out his Barcode Series

SPAM Knitting by Varvara & Mar

For their SPAMpoetry project Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet Sola collected SPAM from local people, mangled it through a poetry generator to create Renga poems, and sent it directly to their knitting machine.

Who would ever have expected that SPAM could be condensed into something so warm, so cozy, and as beautiful as these three stanzas of japanese poetry:

All exercises
Pills, the website, the hope of
This has a solicitor

System. I will be transferred
Into your help every day

To know that all required
Burkina Faso with pills
His job of dollars business.

Inspired by this project Davey Taylor released kh940knit - a standalone pattern manager and uploader for Brother Knitting Machines, which is now also used by the Pattern Uploader published by Mar Canet Sola.

It really looks like 2012 is the year of the Open Source Knitting Revolution!

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