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 +====== Ron Eglash on African Fractals ======
 +While fractal geometry is a rather young branch of contemporary mathematics, [[wiki:fractal artifact|fractal artifacts]] have been around for quite a long time. 
 +[[wp>Ron Eglash]] has given a very interesting talk at TED:\\ [[http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/ron_eglash_on_african_fractals.html|African fractals, in buildings and braids]] 
 +The braids he is talking about are actually [[http://www.ccd.rpi.edu/Eglash/csdt/african/CORNROW_CURVES/cornrow_homepage.html|cornrow braids]] - a traditonal african hair style, which may serve as an example of transformational geometry, but which is not really fractal by any meaningful definition.
 +Nevertheless the talks is very inspiring in taking a [[wiki:fractal perspective]] on our world, and can serve as a inspiration for the [[wiki:fractal craft|fractal crafter]].
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