Code Fabbing with Macouno

This video introduces generative Blender Artist and Fabbing Freak Dolf Veenvliet a.k.a Macouno and his Entoforms

In an other project called Shipwright the name of the user serves as a seed for generating spacecrafts, that can be printed in 3D. Since each name is mapped to a unique spacecraft, this is actually a nice example of code crafting.

Entoforms feature very organic shapes and are constantly improved. They are generated by Open Source Blender-Scripts, which are written in python and can be downloaded at

Here is a video of the 100 most influential people of 2011 transcoded into entoforms:

Entoforms provide a beautiful example of alternate biology, a field that was spearheaded by the fantastic Italian artist and illustrator Leo Lionni and computer artists Todd & Latham.


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