kNnerdFighters in da House

After the emergence of nerdcore in the year 2000 it was just a question of time, until the krafty MCs would finally rise their voices!

MC Jenny from 5AK (Five Awesome Knitters) aka the Knitting kNerdfighters is a bit reluctant at the beginning - but finally she shows us some real knerdcore hip hop, Yo!


Hey knitters, it's Monday here,
You may have noticed that I'm rappin' cuz I didn't adhere
To the time limit
Now I'm bein' punished
So sit back, relax, and just enjoy it

It's pretty obvious
That my raps not up to par
But you better believe
My knittin' raises the bar
I've knit hats and scarves
And a brown owl, too
His name is Percival
And he says word to you!

I spend my days
Browsin' Ravelry
Lookin' at the endless projects,
Searchin' patterns that are free
Check out my FO's
Or my WIP's
Whichever you choose, they're sure to please.

I may be the black sheep
Of the 5AK
Teams Ninja and Edward all the way
But this project is made of awesome
And so are you four
So keep being jokes and DFTBA

Well, that's all I got
This rap has got to end
I'll see Meira tomorrow
kNerdfighters, for the win!


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