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 +====== Knit Menger Sponge ======
 +[[http://fuzzyjay.blogspot.com/|Jay Petersen]] who was recently featured on [[http://knithacker.com/2009/03/16/fuzzyjays-entrelac-baby-shape/|knithacker]] has created a first iteration [[wp>Menger spoge]] and its inverse, the Menger anti-sponge, using [[wp>entrelac|entrelac knitting]]. In the video you can see him snugging both shapes together, something that can only be done with fluffy fractals.
 +(via [[http://fuzzyjay.blogspot.com/2009/03/helen-and-entrelac-menger-sponge.html|fuzzyjay]])
 +The first iteration Menger sponge requires 72 patches and the anti-sponge another 30. If you wanted to knit a second level menger sponge you would need as much as 1056 patches for the sponge and another 774 for the anti-sponge.
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