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-====== The Hidden Roots of Fractal Fashion ====== 
-**Hunting the Hidden Dimension** is a documentary about the applications of [[wp>fractal geometry]]. 
-It features [[http://www.jhanebarnes.com/|Jhane Barnes]] -- a mathematically challenged but very curious fashion designer who gave up her childhood dream (astrophysics) in favour of textile design. 
-She paired up with [[http://www.danacartwright.com/william-jordan-jones/|William J. Jones]] (R.i.P) and [[http://www.danacartwright.com/|Dana Cartwright]] (who couldn't even tell weft from warp in the beginning) to create a fashion line based on the fractality and esoteric colours of 1980s fractal computer art. 
-{{youtube>T6NxEf0-gFQ 270}} 
-Make sure to check out the [[http://web.archive.org/web/19961108025859/http://www.jhanebarnes.com/|1996 version of Jhane's Website]] 
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