How to run Designaknit on Linux

You can run a local Designaknit install on Linux using this tutorial.


Due to Designaknit's advanced copy protection, Wine does not recognize the CD-ROM-dongle, so DAK cannot be launched on Linux systems, unless you have created a local install, which does not require access to the CD-ROM.

If you want to run DAK on Linux you have three options:

  • create a local install on Linux using Wine.
  • use the same install of DAK on both Windows and Linux (on a dual boot machine)
  • migrate (copy) your local install from Windows to Linux/Wine.

This is a step-by-step tutorial for the latter two options.
(We have not tried out the first option yet)


To prevent users from copying their local install of Designaknit to an other machine, DAK inspects its hardware environment. Currently this amounts to checking the volume serial numbers.

So all you need to do to use an existing install of DAK under Linux, is to grant Wine access to a copy of the install and provide it with the correct volume serial numbers.

Keep in mind that DAKs hardware inspection was designed to keep you from illegally distributing copies of your installation.
Make sure not to violate your License!


Local DAK Install

You need to create a local install of DAK on a Windows-box first. When you launch DAK without the CD-ROM inserted, it provides you with a lock number. You can then contact Softbyte, and ask them for a key required to create a local install.


You need to have Wine 0.9.46 installed on your Linux system. We have tried out several versions of Wine, and most of them do not work with DK7. In most cases the software works fine, but the bidirectional communication with the knitting machine via USB/serial port fails. In our case Wine 0.9.46 worked just fine.


Install DAK on Windows

  • Create a local install of Designaknit on a Windows-box at C:\DK7
  • Write down the volume serial numbers of your disk drives.

(The serial number is an 8-digit hexadecimal number. You can obtain it via the dir command in the Windows command shell)

   Volume in drive C is System
   Volume Serial Number is : 1234-5678

Transfer DAK to Linux

  • Install Wine
  • Copy the complete DAK directory into your Wine .drive_c folder. Alternatively you may grant Wine access to the volume where Designaknit was installed. Note that Wine needs write permissions to make this work. If you are afraid to mess up your windows install, create a backup first!
  • Configure WINE to emulate the correct Windows version
  • Configure the (virtual) volumes with the correct volume serial numbers. (you can do this using winecfg or by creating a .windows-serial file inside the volume root directory by hand)
 echo 12345678 > ~/.wine/drive_c/.windows-serial
  • Now run DAK and test if everything works as expected.
 winelauncher C:/DK7/DK7.exe

Install the Cable Link

  • If you have a USB cable plug it in and type:
 dmesg | tail

If the USB device was recognized you should see a message telling you the linux device file that it has been attached to:

 ...  now attached to ttyUSB0
  • Tell Wine to forward the COM2 port to this USB device.
 ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/.wine/dosdevices/com2
  • Now run DAK and try to transfer patterns from and to the knitting machine.

Things to Try

You might want to migrate your original Linux/Wine install of DAK to a Windows-box one day. To achieve this, you would need to change the actual serial numbers of the hard drive, to match those used by your Wine install. Make sure to backup everything before messing with your hard disk!

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