Superduper 2d-Crafting


This is a how-to on crafting 2d projections of 3d superdupershapes.

Make sure you have read the introduction on superduper crafting so you know what this is all about.

Export the Shape

Export the shape by pressing [o] for output. Type in the filename followed by .png or .tif to save it.

Beading and Cross Stitch

Use your favourite image processing software to reduce size and colors. You can also import the image into various beading - or embroidery programs, many of which are freely available.


Press [g] to toggle between grid mode and surface mode. If you like the appearance of the grid, you can export it as PDF, print it out and use your preferred embroidery transfer technique to apply the pattern to the fabric. If you use lightgreen thread on black cloth for your embroidery, the mesh will have that nice retro-nerdy look to it, just like a vector graphics terminal.

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