Superduper Skeleton Crafting


This is a how-to that explains the creation of skeltons for actual 3d superdupershapes. Make sure you have read the introduction on superduper crafting so you know what this is all about.

Cardboard Crafting

There's quite a lot of useful things you can make based on corrugated cardboard skeletons, including lightweight laptop stands, wine racks, coffee tables or cardboard chairs.


If you are into jewelry making, why not create beautiful armpieces like the ones made by Angela o' Kelly or Janna Syvanoja yourself? Instead of employing a stable spine like in cardboard crafting, just thread the slices of the supertorus onto a string. You can use any material that is easily cut, such as colored fabric, felt, paper or plastics.

Creating the Skeleton

Skeletonization is the task of finding the skeleton for a given shape. Below we give an algorithm for creating a sliced grid skeleton.

Skeletonization Algorithm

The surface of a superdupershape is defined by a parametric function of two variables, named u and v. If you keep one of those variables constant you obtain a curve that outlines a planar cross-section of the 3d-shape. You can obtain the u-bones of a skeleton by calculating the cross section for discrete steps of v and vice versa. (Of course you also need to provide for appropriate slits so u-bones and v-bones can be joint to form a skeleton grid)

Superduper Skeletons

If you want to create a skeleton from a superdupershape you need one or more sections making up the spine to which you can attach the vertebral slices, each of which is a 2d-supershape in its own right. Feel free to write a Processing sketch that calculates the skeleton parts and arranges them on the plane, so they can be directly fed to a laser cutter!

Creating Bones by Hand

If coding is not your cup of tea, you can also design the slicy bones using a 2d-supershape tool. Just create the slices by varying selected shape parameters and use circular disks as a spinal cord. After attaching the slices, the spinal cord can be trimmed to match their shape.

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Cardboard Crafting


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