Superduper Surface Crafting


This is a how-to on crafting the surface of actual 3d superdupershapes.

Make sure you have read the introduction on superduper crafting so you know what this is all about.

Paper Crafting

To create a paper model you should reduce the mesh-resolution, thus keeping the model as simple as possible. Inside the explorer you can toggle between different resolutions using the mode key [m].

(Press [p] to show the show render params inside the info pane). You may also want to have a look at the source code and adapt the LoRes and HiRes parameters to suit your needs.

Press [o] to output your shape and provide a filename ending with .dxf. Now use the papercraft software of your choice to create a paper model.

If you are very dedicated you can create several shapes and assemble them to a kinetic sculpture.

Stuffed Shapes

You can turn the surface into a cushion using the algorithm described in Yuki and Mori Igarashi's Paper on Pillow.

In case have some coding skills, feel free to implement it in Processing – we will be proud to feature it over at BIT.CRAFT.

Superduper Amigurumi

If you think the Super Mario invincibility star is cute, hang on: the little yellow fellow is just one member from the infinte family of superduper protozoan friends! Just crochet your favourite superdupershape – add two eyes – and your little critter is finished.

In order to turn the DXF-mesh directly into a knitting or crochet pattern you should have a look at the algorithm described in Yuki Igarashi's paper on 3D Knitting. Again – let us know if you have implemented it!

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