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Superduper Crafting How-tos


screenshot of the superdupershape explorer

Use the Superdupershape Explorer published at BIT.CRAFT to create a superdupershape you like. To run the explorer on your local machine you need to install Processing and download the Processing sketch.

This will allow you to mess with the source code and export your shape to various file formats.


These how-tos provide you with hints on how to use superdupershapes in your next crafting project.

Superduper 2d Crafting

Once you have played with the Superdupershape Explorer and have arrived at a shape you like, you can export it as a 2d-image which can serve as a pattern for beading or cross-stitch.

Superduper Surface Crafting

In case you want the superdupershape in technicolor and 3d, you can either use textiles to create a stuffed shape, or construct a solid shape from paper.

Superduper Skeleton Crafting

Rather than crafting the surface, you may also create cross-sections of the shape and assemble them to form a skeleton or scaffolding structure. Skeleton structures are extremely stable and lightweight.

Superduper Sculpture Crafting

To create sculptural objects, you can use a combination of skeleton and surface crafting, or you may utilize fabbing technology to create jewelry.

Superduper How-to Links


Commercial Use

Johan Gielis holds a patent on the use of what he calls the Superformula™ inside graphical editors. The source code of our Superdupershape Explorer is licensed under a free and open source license, but the program may still be subject to patent claims when used for commercial purposes.

Supershape Fabbing

Gielis' patent makes very broad claims concerning its application to parametric computer graphics but it does not refer to the use of the Superformula™ for physical shape creation, such as 3d fabbing or generative craft.


While the superformula may be tainted by software patents, you are free to use the Superduperformula in any way you like. If you make profit using it - feel free to donate as much as you like to k2g2 or the Electronic Frontier Foundation, so future knitting knerds may craft freely.


To avoid being sued when selling superdupershapes on Etsy, make sure not to use the term “Superformula™” and make sure to replace the superformula inside the Superdupershape Explorer by some other formula that creates periodic curves.

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