Genderific Craft Projects

Projects combining:

Or any combination of the above.

Just perfect for geek girls, stitch'n bitches and purl'n pimps.

Knitting Projects

Anatomical Knitting

Flesh Knitting
Vagina Knitting
Uterus Knitting
Penis Knitting

Women's Knitting

Home and Hearth
Beauty and Purity
Cuteness and Innocence
Seduction and Evil

Men's Knitting

Power Tools
Motor Craft
War Craft

Crochet Projects

Anatomical Crochet

Flesh Crochet
Boobie Crochet

Embroidery Projects

Women's Embroidery

Beauty and Purity

Sewing Projects

Anatomical Sewing

Vagina Sewing


Other Craft Projects

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