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The BLF (aka Brother Liberation Front) is a group of freedom hackers, dedicated to develop krafty software which is free and open source.

The BLF firmly believes that anyone who owns a crafting machine should have the freedom to link it up to a computer and control it, without the need to spend a fortune on extra software.


The BLF is currently working on four projects

OpenCraft DB

The goal of the Open Craft Database is to liberate crafters from the Craftocracy of Evil.

Crafty Gimp

A plugin for the imaging programm the Gimp - which can read and write various knitting and cross-stitch pattern formats, including Brother disk image files, and Designaknit Patterns.


A suite of plugins for the vector graphics program Inkscape which will be able to:

  • import embroidery file formats such as PES
  • digitize shapes, contours and fonts into stitch sequences
  • export embroidery file formats


A modular java based FB-100 floppy disk emulator, that can be used to control brother knitting machines via the serial or usb port. This module may be integrated with various other projects like the Processing programming environment.


Any relation of the term Brother in BLF to the name of any big company (like Brother Inc) is purely coincidential, though conspiracy theories supporting this claim are always welcome.

Friends of BLF


Sconklin at Antitronics is working on hacking interfaces to Brother machines. He created PDDemulate – a free and open source FB-100 emulator written in Python.

Lady Ada

Geek girl Lady Ada has taken the efforts of Antitronics one step further and has set up a Python knitting tools repository. Check out her step-by-step tutorial on uploading patterns to the Brother KH-930 or watch Becky Stern's video tutorial.


The Swedish hackerspace is involved in two projects:


STG at Forskningsavdelningen has written knittington, a free and opensource library and SDL2 GUI for uploading patterns to Brother KH-930, Brother KH-940 and Brother KH-950 from a Windows/Linux/Mac computer.

Pattern Uploader

Varvara and Mar have inspired the creation of knittington by bringing knitting machines to STPLN during their SpamPoetry tour and later also wrote the Pattern Uploader GUI for knittington based on openFrameworks.


Recently several other groups have joined the knit-hacking revolution, including ETIB, Knitic, OpenKnit and AYAB.

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