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Brother Industries Ltd. is a japanese manufacturer of household and office appliances. They have discontinued the production of home knitting machines, but used items are still available in specialized knitting shops and on Ebay.


Brother Industries Ltd. originated in 1908, when two brothers founded the Yasui Sewing Machine Company. This company imported and repaired sewing machines, but in 1928 they started producing their own sewing machines under the label Brother.

In the 1950s they produced their first domestic knitting machine and in 1983 they sold their ten-millionth unit.


Knitting Machines

Brother Knitting Machines were also marketed under the Label Knitking in the US and Canada. Except for the name and the colour those machines are identical. The knitting machines can be classified according to their needle gauge. Additionaly they may be classified by the pattern mechanism used.

The most simple knitting machines require the user to push the needles into working position by hand, usually with a needle pusher. The next step is mechanical needle selection, where hardcoded groups of needles are preselected by pressing radio buttons. More advanced machines use punchcards, optical scanners, and various electronic gadgets for pattern programming.

Fine Gauge (3.5mm)

Standard Gauge (4.5mm)

Radio Button Machines
Punch Card Machines
Electronic Machines

Mid Gauge (7mm)

Bulky Gauge (9mm)

Dual Gauge (4.5mm, 9mm)



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