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Brother KH-400 is a domestic knitting machine produced by Brother.

It is a dual gauge machine, that can either be operated in standard or in bulky gauge mode. The gauge is determined by the gate pegs used when setting up the machine.


single needle bed.

  • width: 220 needles (4.5mm) / 110 needles (9mm)
  • gauge: 4.5mm / 9mm


  • knitting carriage: manually operated
  • needle selection: manually


Brother KH-400 is boxed with the following accessoiries:

Machine Parts

  • add-on row counter
  • integrated table clamps (2 pce.)
  • yarn rest (2 pce.)
    • tension rod stand
    • tension rod
    • tension
  • gate pegs
    • 4.5 mm gate pegs (2 parts)
    • 9 mm gate pegs (2 parts)
  • sinkers (8 pce.)

Working Tools


  • operation manual

Web Links

The operation manual can be downloaded at

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