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Code Weaving

Code Drafting

Due to practical limitations (stability, float length) direct encoding of data into textile patterns is rarely possible. Nevertheless the maximum float length can be limited by adding an odd parity bit both in weft and warp direction.

It is also possible to use several systems of weft or warp, only one of which is used for the actual code weaving.

Ralph Griswold, the godfather of krafty knerds has eleaborated on the concept of code drafting (aka codeweaving) in a series of online papers.

Code Analysis

The data encoded in a textile pattern can be extracted by means of fabric analysis. Of course the encoding used must be known to recover the original data. This can be used for textile steganography where secret information is hidden in textile structures.

Web Links

Ralph Griswold on code drafting:

Ralph Griswold on analysis of weave structures:

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