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Craftivism is the what you get when you combine craft and activism.


Craftivism started out as a counterculture movement, with roots in feminism, enviromentalism, and activism for social justice.


In millenia of patriarchy the domestic space was considered the women's realm, whereas men ruled in the public sphere. Early feminists often considered crafting to be a trick that the other sex had come up with to keep their women busy at home, to keep them from doing politics or fighting for equality. But later feminists came to realize that they were not victims any more - they could take their fate in their own hands. They could do crafting, if they wanted to - and so they did!

Craftivism Movements

Feminist Craftivism

Feminist crafting circles and craftivism projects are dominated by women for various reasons, some of the groups effectively constituting women-only-spaces. (This comcept has been promoted by some feminist groups, stating the absence of men reduced their feeling of being dominated)

Usually members of the opposite sex are not explicitly excluded from feminist crafting circles, but they are not actively invited either. This comes as no surprise, since feminist craftivism projects are often dedicated to feminist issues such as domestic violence against women or motherhood. Since meeting and communicating is an important part of crafting circles, they may also serve as a refuge, where women can talk about their own experiences with those issues.

Domesticated Craftivism

When women create caps, scarfs, and patchwork-blankets for children in need, they fit nicely into the stereotype of the helpful, selfless, and harmless housewife. That is a big andvantage, because it guarantees that those projects are featured prominently in womens magazines which rely on the reinforcement of conservative gender-stereotypes.

Masculinist Craftivism

Masculinist crafting circles are just one form of the uprising masculinist movement. Since feminism has challenged everything humanity has achived, many males are now going through a severe identity crisis. The masculinists are still busy discussing their gender identity and thinking about what it's worth fighting for, or if fighting is too agressive for the modern man, and should thus be left to the feminists.

Anarchist Craftivism

While domesticated craftivism is all about being nice, anarchist craftivism is all about being nasty, disturbing the system, and challenging the ruling class.


Early craftivism had a critical perspective towards technology because it was associated with mass production and was used as a tool of oppression. But cybercraftivism has now started to embrace and usurp technology to redefine it.

Empowerment Craftivism

Empowerment provides those in need of help with the power, the confidence and the means to help themselves. Accordingly empowerment craftivism helps people to make a living based on their crafting abilities.

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