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Welcome to the k2g2 Craftopedia!

The Craftopedia is an open encyclopedia for all things crafty. It provides a common vocabulary for crafters and hackers.

The Craftopedia provides introductions to craft techniques, tools, and software, with a focus on generative and computational craft.

This is YOUR Craftopedia

The Craftopedia is a public wiki for everyone!

If you are part of the open source crafting community, add your project, knitting machine specs, software links or whatever and help us keep this wiki up to date!

This is how to do it. Any Questions?

List of Articles that need some Love

Your project is on the list? WTFA! (Write The Fxcknig Article)
Your project is missing? Add it already!


Visit the portals to dive into the Craftopedia.

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The main language of the Craftopedia is English but it is actually multilingual, currently providing support for German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Svedish, and Chinese. You can see translated versions of an article using the tabs in the blue box on top of the page.


The Craftopedia is a wiki very much like Wikipedia, but it is limited to all things crafty. You can contribute to the Craftopedia, by improving pages, creating new ones, or by translating articles into your mother tongue! For more info check out the Craftopedia howto.

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