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Cybernetic Crafting

Cybernetic crafting interprets the crafting process as a system controlled by signals.

The Electrokraftogram (EKG)

The nervous signals or the motor potentials of a crafter's hands may be recorded via a technique called EMG, giving rise to the electrokraftogram (EKG). Those signals may then be used to control other units, thus extending the reach of the crafter.

Cyborg Crafting

The fact that signals from hands (EMG), eyes ( ECG) and even brain activity (EEG) can be actively controlled, allow severly handicapped people, to become active crafters. For example it would be possible to link Stephen Hawking to a Jacquard Loom using amplified ECG and EMG data, thus turning him into a krafty cyborg.

Feedback Loops

Feedback is a very important aspect of crafting, and it's a basic concept of cybernetics as well. By using visual and tactile feedback the crafter can adapt her actions to the matter at hand. While the electric signals mentioned above can be partly controlled voluntarily, they also rely on complex oscillations and feedback loops.

Neuro Crafting

It is possible to shortcut the feedback loop of traditional craft, by using neurofeedback techniques. In the Kneuro Knitting project, the brainwaves of the crafter are used to directly control a knitting machine, which immediately creates patterns, that in turn stimulate the visual system of the crafter.

While aspects of those patterns may be controlled by the skilled kneuroknitter, they also reflect unconcious control and the setup of the system as a whole.

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