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 +===== Fractal Craft =====
 +==== Definition ====
 +**Fractal craft** is the performance of a crafting technique that usually results in a complex [[fractal artifact]] or [[fractal textile]], even though the crafter only follows a simple set of rules.
 +If the fractal pattern has been created in advance and is then simply crafted in a serial fashion, the result may still be referred to as fractal artifact while it's clearly not a case of fractal craft.
 +==== Fractal Crafts ====
 +  * [[Fractal Embroidery]]
 +  * [[Fractal Knitting]]
 +  * [[Fractal Crocheting]]
 +  * [[Fractal Braiding]] 
 +  * [[Fractal Weaving]]
 +  * [[Fractal Batik]]
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