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 ===Geek Girl Mags=== ===Geek Girl Mags===
 +  * [[http://www.themarysue.com/|The Mary Sue]] (A guide to geek girl culture)
   * [[http://www.shamelessmag.com|shameless]]   * [[http://www.shamelessmag.com|shameless]]
- +
 ===Geek Girl Bloggers=== ===Geek Girl Bloggers===
   * [[http://ullamaaria.typepad.com/hobbyprincess/|Hobby Princess (Ulla-Maaria Engeström)]]   * [[http://ullamaaria.typepad.com/hobbyprincess/|Hobby Princess (Ulla-Maaria Engeström)]]
   * [[http://needle-exchange.ca|Needle Exchange (Eve)]]   * [[http://needle-exchange.ca|Needle Exchange (Eve)]]
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