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 +==== Definition ====
 +**Grafitti Knitting** (aka **urban knitting**) is the illegal activity of applying knitwork to foreign property or state property. This kind of criminal behaviour is mostly observed in urban areas.
 +==== Crime against Property ====
 +Traditional "grafitti artists" have been prosecuted due to the damage their work inflicts on foreign property for a long time, but since knitted grafitti can be removed at almost no cost, prosecution of knitting gangsters on the basis of the [[wp>property damage|malicious injury of property]] is practically impossible.
 +==== Related Crimes ====
 +Nevertheless the public display of unwarranted knitwork may still be considered an act of [[wp>public indecency]] or [[wp>terrorism]] and poses a general threat to [[wp>homeland security]].
 +Since knitting grafitti is an addictive and expensive activity it may give rise to [[wp>Drug-related_crime|economic-related crimes]]. Young knitting-addicts don't have enough pocket money to afford large amounts of wool, so they are likely to start pickpocketing in their local wool shop, or trade drugs to finance their expensive hobby.
 +==== Web Links ====
 +  * [[http://www.knittaplease.com/|Knitta Please]]
 +==== Literature ====
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