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Home Knitting Machine

Home knitting machines reflect the development of their industrial counterparts, always limping behind in the degree of automation. Seamless garment-knitting is far from available in home knitting, and most knitting operations require manual intervention, or close surveillance on behalf of the knitting machine operator. So don't expect miracles when buying a home knitting machine!

the age of tragedy

As a consequence of the consumer electronics age, almost every home knitting machine manufacturer stopped the production of knitting machines in the 1980s and 1990s. The market seemed to indicate that the future was in consumer electronics, rather than producer electronics, but finally things seem to be changing.

the rise of the prosumer

All over the world, people start to use the tools that were intended for consumers in new and creative ways, and we believe that it is just a matter of time until domestic knitting machines will take over the world.

Several grassroots movements and guerilla groups like OKPC (One Knitting machine Per Child) and the BLF (Brother Liberation Front) have joint forces with k2g2, to create a world closley knit together by people who prefer to use technology, rather than letting technology use them.

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