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Instruction Manual


An instruction manual or user manual is a booklet targeted at the end-user of a machine.

It's usually included with the machine when sold. Since most knitting machines are only available as used items, the instruction manual may be lost. But don't despair. On the bottom of the wiki page for each machine, there is usually a link to an online copy of the manual.

In addition, there is a Service Manual for most machines, which used to be distributed to folks who sell and repair knitting machines.

CDs with Manuals

Some shady people sell CDs containing manuals on ebay. Some even claim to have the official permission of the manufacturer. Think twice, if you really want to give money to people who sell what should be freely available to everyone.

Manuals online

If you own a knitting machine, you are entitled to know how it works.

We can't host any manuals on this wiki, because sharing manuals might be considered copyright infringement. But you can always download the manuals directly from the manufacturer or some other places on the web.


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