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Journal Six


Journal Six is Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for the PASSAP E6000 knitting machine. The program consists of an electronic journal for storing projects, stitch patterns, knit techniques, and form programmes, an image processor for converting images to stitch patterns, and a sketchbook for embellishing images and creating “from scratch” stitch pattern.



A searchable database organizes projects, stitch patterns, knit techniques, and form progammes.

Image processor

The image processor converts to BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, and CUT files into stitch patterns in up to four colors. Several pre-programmed color reduction modes are available. Match uses the nearest color found on the palette. This creates large solid areas of color often suitable for intarsia. Hatch creates a cross-hatched appearance similar to pictures printed in newspapers. Stipple creates a stippled appearance, which is well suited to portraits and natural subjects.


The sketchbook allows freehand drawing or embellishment of stitch patterns. The drawing tools include paint brush, line, ellipse, rectangle, stamp, flood-fill, mirror, flip, and rotate. A variety of symmetry modes such as kaleidoscope and pinwheel are supported. The flood-fill modes include grid, half-drop, and brick.

Download capabilities

Both stitch patterns and card reader techniques may be downloaded via a comm port connection to the E6000.


Cards may be printed for the E6000 optical card reader if a comm port connection is not available.


Journal Six requires Windows XP, service pack 2 or better. Runs under Vista.

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