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Welcome to k2g2 - the definitive guide for krafty knerds and geek girls. Find out more about the mission and the logo of k2g2.


This is YOUR Craftopedia

The Craftopedia is a public wiki for everyone!

If you are part of the open source crafting community, add your project, knitting machine specs, software links or whatever and help us keep this wiki up to date!

This is how to do it. Any Questions?

List of Articles that need some Love

Your project is on the list? WTFA! (Write The Fxcknig Article)
Your project is missing? Add it already!





Enjoy krafty Blogs or start your own at k2g2.


Our calendar features krafty and knerdy events worldwide - if you have an account you can also add your own events here.

How Knerdy are You?

Take the k2g2 test to find out how knerdy you are. It's just 5 questions, and it may change your life forever :)

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