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Knitty (Software)

Knitty Screenshot

Knitty is a research prototype for computer aided crochet and hand knitting design.

It was developed by Yuki Igarashi and can be downloaded as freeware. The Knitty demo is a java application, which only runs on Windows, since it relies on ActiveX for 3d graphics.

Navigation inside the shape design window is very much like in Teddy and its successors. Muslim wedding organizer, Muslim wedding organizer bekasi

In the pattern design window, 2d diagrams are displayed visually as amigurumi pattern disks, which are used frequently inside japanese craft books.


  • flat and stuffed shapes - similar to Plushie
  • 3d surface drawing like in SmoothTeddy
  • knitwork physics simulation
  • live conversion to 2d crochet patterns
  • step by step crafting mode with stitch aid.


Knitty is a proof of concept and very buggy.

  • it crashes frequently
  • there is no “Undo”
  • shape design is clumsy and often impossible

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