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Liquid Textile Display


A Liquid Textile Display (LTD, Liquid Crafted Display or Liquid Ikat) is a textile display created by liquid crafting.

LTDs can be made of clear vinyl tubing, filled with a sequence of non-intermixing non-compressible colored fluids.

The color-sequence can be arranged such that the fabric displays arbitrary patterns symbols or images, very much like in Ikat weaving or knitting with variegated yarn.


Visual feedback from a camera can be used to analyze how the tinted liquid proceeds through the surface of the fabric.

Once this information is available it is possible to calculate the color sequence needed to control the color-mixing unit of the liquid pump. The final pattern can then be fixed by closing the ends of the vinyl tube.

Double Face Displays

Depending on the density of the fabric, the accuracy of the mixing unit, and the opacity of the tint it may be possible to display different patterns on both sides of the fabric.


If the thread is woven or intermeshed in a way that allows only a small fraction of it to show on the surface, it is possible to encode several different patterns in the colour sequence.

A small injector can then be attached to the finished fabric to move the liquid back and forth by a small amount to switch through the patterns, or to create a pattern animation.

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