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Don’t Panic!

This is k2g2, the one and only source for krafty knerds and geek girls. (also known as knitting knerds guide to the galaxy)

So what is a krafty knerd anyway and what can you expect from k2g2?

Basically a knerd is just a nerd with a k upfront. Knerds may be knoughty or knasty, but in any case they are all krafty. Being krafty is the key to real knerddom! Whereas default geeks and nerds are satisfied pushing bits and bytes around, knerds like to work with atoms. They are makers, worldchangers, they are members of the krafting krowd.

Becoming a knerd is simple!

If you are a default nerd right now, you can convert into a disciple of the Kraft in very much the same way as Saulus turned into Paulus. (That was the roman guy who fell off a horse, resulting in brain-damage and immediate conversion to cristianity). I think the whole point of the biblical story is about hitting the reset button of your brain - forgetting your bad habits (like cruzifying people and stuff), so you can boot up to a whole new life. Saulus had to exchange his front-letter from S to P. I don’t know wether that is a big gain, but if you upgrade from nerd to knerd you can only win!

Let’s talk about gender

As everybody knows, nerds are not sexless, they are indeed what I like to call the third gender. There is the weak gender, the strong gender, and the clever gender. While the first two are busy complemeting each other, the third is not enslaved by those genetically hardwired mating-programs. Since the other two sexes wouldn’t play with the nerds anyway, the nerds forgot about the phsyical realm, getting all their pleasure out of intellectual activity. But the krafty knerds went one step further …

While standard nerds are mere brainwankers, krafty knerds use their hands too!

Basically, nerds are only compatible with other nerds, whereas krafty knerds are universal adapters! If you have read up to this very point, chances are, you are a krafty knerd already! If you are in doubt, lean back until you fall off your chair and hit the ground real hard. then start over.

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