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Naked knitting (aka nude knitting) is the most pure form of knitting. The knitter does not wear any clothes or any other superfluous things, that might distract from the process of knitting.

Naked knitters are not very popular amongst nudists, since most nudists share the belief, that knitting results in unnatural and needless products, such as clothes.

Note: naked knitting is highly recommended, when knitting inside the bathtub, in the shower or in a sauna.


Naked Knitting in Literature

The book “No Sheep for You” by Amy R. Singer depicts a naked knitter on the front cover- evidently she just turned vegan, and has burnt all her woolen clothes, so she had nothing left to wear.

Naked Knitting Calendars

The Knitting Noras – a knitting group from Bolton, Lancashire is featured in the “Naked Knitting 2010” calendar.

Naked Knitting on TV

The BBC-show tittybangbang featured a semi-naked knitting group. The naked Knitting Noras also had appearances on TV.

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