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One Knitting-machine Per Child

OKPC is a grass roots movement aimed at the development and distribution of the 100 dollar knitting machine. It is an inoffical companion to the OLPC project, but is in no way affiliated to it, nor is it endorsed by the OLPC team.

OKPC Manifesto

Even better than Porn

The XO has been used successfully in the classroom, for playing, learning, programming, and some kids have even been reported to use it for downloading porn from the internet.

What is so terrifying is not that those kids downloaded porn, since everybody knows the internet is for porn, but that they fell victim to the same kind of consumer mentality that leads many people in 'developed' countries to believe that sex is a consumer good.

Of course most people would react even more disturbed if the kids started setting up their own social porn sites, producing porn rather than consuming it. But this is definitly what will happen if the only cool gadget we give them is a laptop with a webcam.

Knitting is Real

Kids all over the world feel curosity and the urge to create. A laptop is a great tool for sure. It has unlimited capabilities to reach inside towards any place on earth. But it sucks when reaching out to the physical world. And this is the world that matters most to the children.

By creating the 100-dollar knitting machine, we can empower the kids to build their own stuff - they might even be enabled to build the kinds of wealth-creating and sharing communities, that the 'developed' countries failed to create because they are still stuck in the valley of mass production.

Famous Quotes

“Send a knitted hat to a child in africa to make you feel better for a day, send a knitting-machine to a child in africa, to make it change the world.” Joseph Knecht.

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