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Open Craft Database

The Open Craft Database (aka OpenCraft DB) is a freely accessible database of craft supply information, providing a host of commensurable yarn-, thread- and bead-data from various manufacturers.

The project currently includes two databases:

Open Yarn Database and Open Bead Database.

Mission Statement

The OpenCraft DB is open and free, unleashing the creative power of needlecraft and beading as well as other crafting techniques we may not yet imagine.

The ultimate goal is to liberate crafters from the constraints imposed by the yarn tyrants who try to lock us into a certain brand, thus limiting our freedom of creative expression.

While Pantone tables might be used as an intermediate step, all colors will ultimately be provided as CIELAB tables. The database will be completely free of references to the Pantone system.

Project Status

The OpenCraft DB is a brainchild of the BLF and is still in a very early stage of development.

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