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Plushie screenshot – stuffed whale

Plushie is a research prototype for computer aided design of plush toys and stuffed puppets.

It was developed by Yuki Igarashi and can be downloaded as freeware. The Plushie demo is a java application, which only runs on Windows, since it relies on ActiveX for 3d graphics.

Navigation inside the shape design window is very much like in Teddy and its successors. The pattern design window, depicts the sewing pattern as to be drawn on the actual fabric. The diagram can also show which edges must be sewn together.


  • adding 3d plush shapes.
  • extrusions and holes
  • stuffing simulation
  • live conversion to 2d sewing patterns


Plushie can be considered alpha software.

  • it crashes occasionaly
  • at times the stuffing algorithm creates havoc

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