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 +===== pro-Fashion 2000 =====
 +[{{ wiki:profashion2000-screenshot.png?160|pro-Fashion 2000 screenshot}}]
 +**pro-Fashion 2000** is probably the first knitting CAD software developed to control electronic [[Brother]] knitting machines and dates back to the 1990s.
 +==== Distribution ====
 +Pro-Fashion 2000 was created and distributed by //ELKtronik//, a German software label run by Gunther Schröder and Maike Dunkhase until the mid-1990s.
 +==== Software ====
 +Pro-Fashion 2000 was distributed on 3½-inch floppy disks, both for the Atari ST and MS DOS. 
 +The latest versions were designed to control model [[brother KH-930|KH-930]], [[brother KH-940|KH-940]] as well as [[brother KH-965i|KH-965i]] knitting machines.
 +==== Hardware ====
 +The package contained custom-made hardware including a cable link and a modified [[wp>Image_scanner#Hand|hand scanner]] which could be used to digitize knitting patterns.
 +The cable link also served as a simple [[wp>dongle]].
 +===== Web Links =====
 +  * [[http://cds-designsoftware.de/DesignaKnit_Prospekt/AtariKonvertierungsprogramm/body_atarikonvertierungsprogramm.html|PROPCX]] pro-Fashion 2000 to PCX converter
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