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Skeleton Crafting


Skeleton crafting is all about the craft and science of creating a skeleton for a given 3d shape. The bones for the skeleton are made of slices or beams, and the skeleton is called sliceform or beamform respectively. The skeleton can be derived from the original shape using skeletonization algorithms.

Skeleton Crafts


In the realm of architecture the construction of skeletons is nowadays known as framing or light frame construction. In timber framing the wooden skeleton is often still visible on the surface of a building, and woven twigs have been used as a structural skeletons for clay walls for ages. Tent constructions are closely related to skeletons as well.


The wings of airplanes are skeletons made of ribs attached to a spar.


The use of skeletons is very popular in rapid prototyping, because shapes created by inexpensive 2d fabbing techniques can be assembled to highly stable 3d forms, while minimizing the amount of building material required.


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