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A sliceform is a 3d shape, which is assembled from flat slices, forming a light-weight grid structure.


Sliceforms can be created from paper, card board, metal, etc. They are frequently used in rapid prototyping, and may be created by standard 2d fabbing equipment such as laser cutters.

Sliceforms are Skeletons

Each sliceform approximates a continuous target shape, and constitutes a slice skeleton of this target shape. The standard target shape may be obtained from a given sliceform by calculating the minimal surface object that encloses it.

Pantograph Effect or PopUp Effect

Depending on the arrangement of the slices, the structure may be subject to the pantograph effect. That means that the shape can be folded flat to 2d and then pop back to 3d again. This can be useful for transportation, or for effectful unfolding as in the case of pop-up books.

Web Links




  • The world within – PopUp effect with two nested globes.
  • crdbrd – Creating cardboard models from 3D shapes.


Free Software

Gratis Software

Commercial Software


Crafty Websites

  • Sliceforms – by John Sharp, the godfather of sliceforms

Commercial Websites

Research Websites

  • crdbrd Shape Fabrication by Sliding Planar Slices – by Kirstian Hildebrand



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