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Wearable Computing


Wearable Computing is a field of research that dissolves the borders between clothes and computers. It's a special case of ubiquitous computing which basically means that the ability to compute shall not be limited to ugly grey boxes anymore, but that any human product may be both beautiful and intelligent at the same time.

Smart Textiles

Depending on your starting point, you get computers that are more and more wearable, or smart textiles that are designed to become ever-more intelligent.


Since electronic computers are the most popular computing machinery, electronic textiles are often regarded as synonymous to smart textiles and wearable computing.

Textile Computing and Craft Computing

Nevertheless textiles of all kinds do always perform physical computation that can be explored and used in creative ways when regarded under the paradigm of unconventional computing.

While the term textile computing should be used for the computation performed by the finished product, craft computing should be used to refer to a computational perspective on the craftig process.

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