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the 100 dollar knitting machine

It is the goal of OKPC, to provide all the kids that have an XO-laptop, with a tool they can use to actually create things.


  • XDs work equally well with wool and cotton yarn
  • All movable parts (like needles) can easily be replaced, even by children
  • The XD requires no external power source. Everytime the knitting carriage is moved along , the built-in battery for the pattern controller is recharged to run for another minute.
  • The XD can be used as desktop-machine (like normal home knitting machines) or as laptop-machine, since laps can be found everywhere, whereas desks may not.
  • Two XDs can be plugged together, to form a double-bed knitting machine.
  • The XD has a standard USB port - contemporary home knitting machines require expensive and proprietary cables to connect them to a computer - all the XD needs is a USB-cable.
  • The XD hardware is open, and modular. The kids are free to open their XD, rewire the hardware, and create circuit-bent pullovers whenever they like.
  • The XD pattern protocol is open. Open Source Projects and XO-Activities to control the XD will be freely available.
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